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With over 25 years of experience in gravure and flexo print manufacturing, we continue to provide our clients with the best printing solutions in commercial packaging. With continuous research and development of new technologies, we are committed to preserving the environment with an ethical business principle to help build a better world for future generations. 

After setting up our UK branch in 2014, agents from all over the world began to join our global network, with field service personnel spreading all over the world. As more and more service teams and agents around the world join us, the Rotoflexo Global Network has now reached its mature stage.

At Rotoflexo, we realise how frustrating it can be for customers who are unable to find the best solution for their particular workflow. This is why at Rotoflexo we focus on communication and making our products highly customisable. Our experienced, well trained engineers are ready to work with you to analyse the market and configure your machine tailored to your needs. We are confident every customer who go through our consulting service can find their ideal setup.

In addition to providing printing equipments, we now extend our services to include consulting, market analysis, production line analysis, and personnel training. Our new online support team and digital monitoring software are also available 24/7 to reduce machine downtime so customers can focus on what they do best. With many years of experiences working with customers around the world, we assist our clients with safety testings upon each machine purchase. In addition to the CE standards, we are now able to assist customers obtaining SGS, CSA, UL, NEC, or IEC certifications with our products. We also work extensively with the Taiwanese government to obtain patents for our products. 


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